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tv   Fox 29 News Special The Holy Father in Philadelphia  FOX  September 25, 2015 10:30pm-11:01pm EDT

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the pope is coming to philadelphia. ♪ the countdown is almost over. here's live look from the parkway tonight set for history to be made this weekend. in less than 12 hours, the pontiff's plane will touchdown at philadelphia international airport. >> parts of philadelphia are on lock down right now. you're looking at the parkway independence mall and the ben franklin bridge all now closed to all cars. the last security measures now in place. after months of planning, the city is ready to welcome pope francis. good evening to you, thank you for joining us for this special the holy father in philadelphia.
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>> good evening, i'm iain page. you can feel the excitement is about to boil over in the city. fox 29's chris o'connell is live in old city tonight. chris? >> reporter: excitement is putting it lightly, iain. it is building with every hour as we go to pope francis' arrival here to philadelphia. i've been all over this city in the center city area over the past week, i tell you it is building. this town is absolutely electr electric. and it's been that way and it's building with more people coming to about a half hour ago the steer secure vehicle area is now in effect. the hard work is over now, folks. time to have some fun. one of the final steps of this massive security effort the biggest this city has ever seen and now it's time to exhale it's been a long and arduous process getting the world meeting of families the year long plus in the planning stages now. just 11 hours away till the holy father touches down in philadelphia. we caught up with several out and about tonight, and we asked
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what this pope means to you. >> i relate to him personally. i guess i'm a hit bit of a liberal catholic. i relate to the fact he is a pastor than a philosopher. he's a guy that connects with the average person. >> reporter: with a million plus people expected in town tomorrow, you certainly wouldn't see it by the looks of market street as you can hardly see a vehicle now on market street. it is so shut down and i can tell you law enforcement, there are probably more law enforcement on the streets than regular people. the vehicle traffic has essentially been shut down. take a look the other way of market street down here looking towards penn's landing. the only vehicles you see out here are taxi cabs but the people do you see out on the streets all they're talking about how excited they are. they just want to see a glimpse of pope francis. this town is pretty much off the charts tonight.
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iain? >> no doubt, chris, thank you. let's take another live look from the ben franklin parkway right now. this is a lot of information about the weekend from the pope's schedule to the security perimeter event lineup for saturday's festival of families on the parkway. we've got everything you need of course on our website head to >> before pope francis takes off for philadelphia tomorrow he's closing out a long day in the big apple. it began with an address to the united nations an visit to ground zero where he empty with families of those who died in the 9/11 attack. he ended the day with a mass at madison square garden. and with tonight's mass done, the world's focus shifts to philadelphia. >> pope francis will be touching down in our city in less than 12 hours didn't night our bruce gordon looks ahead to what we can expect from the holy father this weekend. >> reporter: spending this past week covering pope francis' travels to washington and here to new york has at least i hope given me some sense of to look forward to when the holy father finally arrives in philadelphia.
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it's fair to assume the pope's add major address in philadelphia saturday at independence hall delivered mostly in spanish will amount to a call to support immigrants to the u.s. both legal and otherwise. he did offer a preview in his thursday address to congress. >> let us extent the same possibilities which we seek for ourselves. >> reporter: it's easy to assume the pontiff will at every opportunity praise the family as the building block for healthy society. he has repeatedly referenced the family as the reason for his trip to philadelphia. again, from his talk at congre congress. >> i cannot hide my concerns for the family which is threatened perhaps -- it's likely philadelphians bite thousands will get the chance to see pope francis up close and personal. in some cases to touch and be
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touched by this spiritual leader. both in washington and in new york, the pontiff did everything within his power sometimes breaking protocol to mingle with the faithful. >> what we cannot know at least not yet is how much the ultra site security in philadelphia will curtail that interaction. saturday night festival of families and sunday afternoon outdoor mass are both far larger than anything that took place in new york or washington. it's not clear whether that security will cost many in philadelphia a chance to experience their very own papal moment. >> here's hoping that security is not too onerous. as for that big speech at independence hall saturday, he's been hammering the immigration theme again and again. again friday afternoon at that catholic school in east harlem he spoke to some of the children about it. many of them are in fact immigrants but don't expect lecture, a horang at independence hall. it's not the pope's way and all of his speeches this week he
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hasn't been lecturing much he's been basically been talking broad schemes, he's didn't diplomatic he understands he's a guest in this country arc very special guest, but a guest nonetheless inform new york, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. the city of philadelphia opening its arms to visitors from around the world this weekend and fox 29 was there as buses rolled in unloading dozens of tourists at a time. streets are closed to vehicles but they're now filled with out of towners awaiting the pope's visit. >> pope's schedule takes him to some of the most iconic spots across philadelphia. next we take you inside ahead of this weekend's historic visit. ♪ >> that's -- tweeting out the sound check one of the bands set to perform tomorrow night at festival of families on the parkway. stay with us. we'll be right back. ♪
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we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life, state farm is there. ♪ live look tonight at the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul at the base of the ben franklin parkway where pope francis will celebrate mass tomorrow morning. the basilica just one of philadelphia's most iconic spots
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on pope francis' schedule when he lands tomorrow morning. >> we can take you and sigh. pope francis will stan at this intricate altar inside the basilica added in the 1950's. century after the basilica first went up. more than nine chapels or shrines surround the sanctuary. saturday's mass is closed to the public but the chapel next door will stay open 24 hours day with more priests than usual on hand for this weakened. >> later tomorrow pope francis moves to independence hall he will address a crowd of thousands considered the birthplace of the united states, with declaration of up pennsylvania was read in 1776, tomorrow afternoon, the holy father expected to focus on immigration and religious freedoms. >> sunday morning pope francis will meet with inmates and their families at the curran-fromhold correct al facility. the prison was pick. a group of inmates in the carpet tree shop built a special chair for the pontiff which he will use inside the prison. inmate will also present pope francis with fruits and
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vegetables grown at curran-fromhold. where does pope francis sleep while he's here? >> at one of the most important catholic institutions in the country. saint charles borromeo seminary in lower merion. it will not be the first visit by a pontiff. pope john paul ii also visited the seminary back in 1979. this weekend pope francis will meet with bishops visiting for the world meeting of families and lead them in a mass. >> the leader of the catholic church we look at pope francis. his incredible journey. that's inspiring people around the globe.
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♪ parts of the city shut down ahead of pope's visit live look right now at the ben franklin parkwayly look at that. no cars allowed. >> sky fox over the ben franklin bridge at the top of the hour is last few cars made it over while closed to cars thousands are expected to walk across this weekend on that are way into the city. people are here from around the world and across or nation. one pilgrimage took almost a day and spanned hundreds of miles. >> all those miles and packed tour buses all the way from gary, indiana but these folks say the chance to see pope francis in certain is well worth
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the trip. fox 29's dave kinchen live over penn's landing tonight overlooking the bridge pack with people. >> reporter: no doubt lucy you can't help but feel a general warmth inside when you think about what these pilgrims are going through. in a few hours thousand of pilgrims will be making it across the ben franklin bridge behind me. we're talking about another group though making their way in through a different bridge. let's go to some video right now. 150 pilgrims from gary, indiana are among those making a journey after traveling 800 miles by bus. now they left around 7:00 a.m. yesterday from gary, indiana and got into our area around 1:00 this morning and, yes, of course they're tired but they say they are naturally excited to see pope francis. they were welcomed by members of the saint peter roman catholic church in merchantville where an energizing mass was celebrated and you can bet they are jazzed for saturday and sunday. >> he's such a wonderful role model for us.
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and i just love the message that he is giving. >> i'm already on catholic high. 36 hours lack of sleep but it's been a lot of fun and it's only going to get better i'm real excite. >> what you see is was get. kind of surreal. you're as close as we are right now he just kind of talks to you and it's over before you realize it. >> reporter: they did not get a lot of sleep there. but they did say it's amazing what coffee can do. by the way, their pilgrimage was possible after catholic charities in cam got together with their counterpart in gary, indiana to work out the details. back to you guys. >> all right, dave. great story. thank you. looking live from our roof here in old city down market street where thousands will be walking throughout the day tomorrow. the big question, will it rain? fox 29's chief meteorologist scott williams tracking the changes. >> hi there iain and lucy. looks like most of the upcoming weekend for the holy father in philadelphia is going to be dry so that's some good news. hey, don't forget to use twitter at fox 29 philly use the hash
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tag hash tag fox 29 pope. tweet us your pictures your images that you're seeing across the entire area this upcoming weekend. as we look at the satellite/radar, we have dry conditions in our area but look at the green off to the south. this is that southern system but high pressure will likely keep the rainfall to our south but not so much the clouds along witness wind with that tight pressure gradient both saturday and also sunday. sunday afternoon and evening, there might be a slight chance for a shower or some sprinkles but the bottom line, for the upcoming papal weekend, clouds, gusty breezes, and once again that slight chance for some rain. so here's the bottom line. saturday partly sunny, breezy, mid 70s. it's going to feel a little cooler with those winds. then on sunday, cloudy a few afternoon and evening showers mainly south and east of philadelphia. once again, don't forget to use twitter and also that hash tag fox 29 pope we've got you covered. lucy? >> thank you very much, scott. on the eve of this historic
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weekend let's take a look at the fascinating journey that took a jesuit from the slums of south america to the pinnacle of religious leadership. our bruce gordon takes look at the man around the world known as papa francesco. ♪ >> reporter: those lucky enough to experience a weekly papal audience in saint peter's square get up close look look at the man who many believe has row inn egg 58ed the catholic church around the world. pope francis is a very special if unlikely leader. ♪ >> i'm not even catholic. i really like him because he's real down to earth. he's for the common people. >> he's very generous. he's very modern. ♪ >> there's a reason why the people like him so much. >> he understands the people and being able to see what life -- why people are suffering. >> reporter: young priest known as jorge mario bergoglio
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ministered to his flock in the slums of bun know heiress argentina. ultimately named archbishop later cardinal. but says papal chronic rocco palmo the shepherd never lost the smell of his sheep. >> he would get on a bus and go down to the slums. there was no finery, everybody new him as padre. >> reporter: in february of 2013, pope benedict xvi shock the world by announcin announcis resignation. >> it's very startling. >> i'm as shockstalled as all of you. >> unprecedented move that left the college of cardinals scrambling to name a successor. bergoglio now 76 years old was preparing for retirement had his apartment all picked out. >> it will be interesting. >> father daniel joyce with the office of admission at st. joseph's university. >> he was his last act as a bishop. he submitted his resignation. he pack very little. he didn't even bring his new shoes, and he had planned on going back and fading into owe
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live i don't know, you know, am him in the as retired archbishop and cardinal. >> reporter: but faith and his fellow cardinals had a different path in mind. on march 13th, 2013, bergoglio was voter the first ever jesuit pope and the first non european to hold the position in more than 1200 years. he chose the name francis to hahn are in the saint of a sissy. it quickly became clear francis was not about to change his humble, frugal ways. >> one of fir goals he made was to his paper boy just saying okay i've been elected pope you got to cut off my subscription to the newspaper and you know the sense of -- >> true story. >> true story. >> reporter: bergoglio's leck came as a surprise to many but in retrospect says palmo it made sense. francis he says was brought in to reform the vatican to take it back from the bureaucrats who had run it unchecked for so lo
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long. and he was already a much needed evangelical witness. but the credibility to reintroduce the goss bell to a western world that had grown agapai threat tick. fans of francis quickly noticed his unique style. >> i admire the way approaches people and how he shows friend friendliness and humility. >> reporter: as for substance, papal pronouncements hot button issues like gay marriage, divorce, even abortion have led some to believe francis is taking the church in a more liberal direction. our experts insist he is merely eliminating the traditional finger wagging over those issu issues. >> saying teaching of the church is clear and i'm a sign of the church. does not negate your responsibility to be there for somebody. one term francis used often is accompaniment. the church is called to accompany people whatever their situation. >> he's an excellent pastoral thiel low january. it's not just about theology of ideas it's about ideas that
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apply to people's lives. >> reporter: just week after the world meeting of families here in philadelphia bishops from all over the world including our own archbishop chaput will meet to discuss family issues, sexuality, divorce, remarriage. pope francis will of course have the last word on all of these subjects. many admirers hope whatever francis decides policy will be mixed with compassion. >> pope is the best. i really adore him. >> reporter: expect nothing less from this humble man who once stooped to help the lowest of his brothers carries the hopes, dreams and prayers of a billion catholics on his shoulders. ♪ >> bruce gordon fox 29 news. another live look from the parkway tonight. before we head to break a look at some of the touching moments during the pope's first days in the us. ♪
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♪ introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. ♪ here's a live look from philadelphia international airport. all set to welcome pope francis tomorrow morning. >> take lock at shepherd one the plane of pope francis. american airline sendin sendingp theater foes of the 77 from carried the pontiff from d.c. to new york and will bring francis to philadelphia tomorrow. even before the pope takes off from new york we'll be live on the air getting you ready. >> our live coverage begin at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow.
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we'll take you through the entire weekend. you can also watch every moment streaming live on our website >> remember, your mega millions lottery drawing is neck. good luck! ♪
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